Continental Mine & Industrial Supply Ltd.´s mission is to provide 100% Customer Satisfaction for all requirements relating to the Mining, Construction and Industrial Business Sectors. This will be achieved by partnering with our customers and suppliers to ensure the most cost effective solution ranging from retail supply of equipment and components to optimizing standard equipment and ultimately providing a custom designed solution to meet their unique operational requirements.

This is the key to CMI´s success. A job is not complete until our customer´s needs are fully met and this has resulted in very strong relationships with our clients because they know they can count on us to delivery.

CMI has a very strong team with extensive experience in all areas of the mining and construction industry ranging from the mining face, underground conveyance, hoisting, surface conveyance and processing to product loadout and environmental constraints. By leveraging on our experience in maintenance, operations and construction we can bring unique solutions that meet our customer´s requirements. CMI traditionally tackles projects where others are not interested or not capable and make them a success. We look forward to working with you and your team to solve your problems with new and innovative solutions.